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Venture Studio: Nurturing Innovation, Accelerating Ventures

The Venture Studio program at Fisher Innovation College@Elm is dedicated to fostering innovation, supporting the growth of promising startups, and building a solid portfolio of ventures created by Miami University alums and students. The program focuses on identifying, refining, and launching startups that address compelling problems and have the potential for significant success. The 16 week program aims to accelerate participating startups' growth and scalability while nurturing the university community's entrepreneurial talent by providing a supportive ecosystem, access to resources, and expert guidance.


Submit your detailed business plan and pitch deck to apply for our Venture Studio program. Successful applicants will be invited to participate. During the application process, we would like to hear your pitch, past success, and past funding (if applicable) on a Zoom call. After the program is completed, the entire startup will have free access to our facilities. 


  • At least one co-founder must be a Miami University student, alumni, or local entrepreneur.

  • Have a well-defined startup idea with growth potential.

  • Commit to working full-time on your startup during the program.

  • Be willing to participate in all program activities and meet regularly with their mentor.

We will also offer a 6 Week Startup Accelerator Program for startups who graduated from our Venture Studio. The agendas for the 16-Week Venture Studio Program and the Condensed Startup Accelerator Program are below. 

16-Week Program

Immerse yourself in a transformative 16-week program, where you'll receive personalized guidance, participate in skill-enhancing workshops, and connect with peers and mentors.



  • Introduce startup to Venture Studio environment

  • Provide orientation to program structure, expectations, and milestones

  • Facilitate networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, experts, and partners


Market Plan & Audience

  • Analyze the market, validate target audiences, and identify competitive advantages

  • Define and strengthen the value proposition

  • Conduct skill development workshops based on identified needs


Product Development

  • Define product milestones and roadmap

  • Develop a user-centric experience

  • Create a minimum viable product (MVP) for validation and iteration

  • Incorporate iterative development approach, including testing and user feedback loops


Guest Speakers, Networking & Skill Development

  • Invite guest speakers from diverse industries

  • Provide networking sessions with mentors and industry professionals

  • Conduct targeted skill development workshops based on startup needs


Marketing & Sales

  • Identify effective channels and tactics to reach a target audience

  • Collaborate on messaging, positioning, and marketing campaigns

  • Develop a robust and scalable customer acquisition strategy

  • Continued skill development workshops addressing marketing and sales strategies


Legality and Finance

  • Legal Structures and Considerations

  • Financial planning and Projections

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping


Funding, Demo Day Practice & Post-Program Support

  • Refine investor pitch and investment materials

  • Target potential investors who align with the startup's vision and goals

  • Facilitate connections with investors and guide them through the fundraising process

  • Provide ongoing post-program support and mentorship


Demo Day, Graduation, and Next Steps

  • Prepare for Demo Day to showcase progress and achievements

  • Gain visibility, attract investment, and form strategic partnerships

  • Guide the following steps and support the transition into the post-program phase

  • Graduation from the program with continued access to resources and mentorship

Exclusively for Venture Studio Graduates: 6-Week Startup Accelerator Program

Upon successfully completing the Venture Studio program, you'll gain exclusive access to our condensed 6-Week Startup Accelerator program. This unique opportunity is tailored for Venture Studio graduates, providing further mentorship, resources, and support to refine your business strategies, strengthen your investor pitch, and propel your startup's growth trajectory.


Business Model Refinement

  • Review and refine the existing business model canvas

  • Identify areas for improvement and adjustment based on market feedback

  • Conduct competitive analysis to stay updated on the market landscape


Product Development and Market Fit

  • Evaluate the product-market fit and gather feedback from target customers

  • Iterate on the minimum viable product (MVP) to enhance user experience

  • Refine the product roadmap and prioritize critical features for further development


Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Develop a comprehensive sales funnel and customer acquisition strategy

  • Refine branding, messaging, and positioning to align with the target audience

  • Explore various marketing channels and digital marketing tactics


Funding and Investor Engagement

  • Prepare an updated investor pitch deck and refine the investment materials

  • Identify potential investors aligned with the startup's vision and goals

  • Arrange investor meetings and pitch sessions to secure funding


Operations and Scaling

  • Optimize operations and logistics for scalability

  • Analyze supply chain management and identify areas for improvement

  • Develop a growth plan and strategy to scale the business


Demo Day and Next Steps

  • Prepare for a Demo Day to showcase progress and achievements

  • Gain visibility, attract potential investors, and form strategic partnerships

  • Guide the following steps and support the transition into the post-accelerator phase

Demo Day

Showcase your accomplishments and progress during our Demo Day event, where you'll have the chance to present your venture to potential investors and collaborators.

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