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Startup Accelerator: Igniting Entrepreneurial Success

Welcome to Fisher Innovation College@Elm's Startup Accelerator, where innovation is accelerated, ideas are nurtured, and dreams become reality. Our intensive 12-week program is designed to empower Miami University students, alumni, and local entrepreneurs to scale their startups and propel their ventures to new heights. Whether you're in the early stages of development or poised for growth, our Startup Accelerator equips you with the tools, mentorship, and resources you need to thrive.


Submit your detailed business plan and pitch deck to apply for our Startup Accelerator program. Successful applicants will be invited to participate. During the application process, we would like to hear your pitch, past success, and past funding (if applicable) on a Zoom call. After the program is completed, the entire startup will have free access to our facilities. 


  • At least one co-founder must be a Miami University student, alumni, or local entrepreneur.

  • Have a well-defined startup idea with growth potential.

  • Commit to working full-time on your startup during the program.

  • ​Be willing to participate in all program activities and meet regularly with their mentor.

12-Week Program

Immerse yourself in a transformative 12-week journey, where you'll receive hands-on guidance, participate in workshops, and engage in networking events.


Introduction, Ideation, and Problem-Solving

  • Introductions and program overview

  • Idea generation and validation

  • Market research and customer discovery

  • Pitch practice


Business Model - Mentor Madness

  • Developing a business model canvas

  • Identifying key partners, resources, and activities

  • Defining customer segments and value propositions

  • Conducting competitive analysis


Product Development

  • Minimum viable product (MVP) development/iteration

  • User interface and experience (UI/UX) design

  • Technical Considerations and Development Roadmap


Sales and Marketing

  • Sales funnel development

  • Branding and messaging

  • Social media and digital marketing strategies

  • Practical workshop: Hands-on marketing exercises for startups


Legality and Finance

  • Legal Structures and Considerations

  • Financial planning and projections

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Practical workshop: Financial modeling and projections exercise


Funding and Investment

  • Types of funding and sources of capital

  • Investor pitching and due diligence

  • Negotiating terms and closing deals

  • Practical workshop: Investor pitch practice and feedback session


Operations and Logistics

  • Operations and logistics planning

  • Supply chain management

  • Scalability considerations

  • Practical workshop: Supply chain management exercise


Team Building and Management

  • Leadership styles and qualities

  • Team building and management

  • Culture and values

  • Practical workshop: Team-building activities and case studies


Guest Speakers & Networking

  • Guest speakers from relevant industries

  • Networking sessions with mentors and industry professionals

  • Industry-specific challenges and opportunities


Marketing and Growth Strategies

  • Growth hacking and customer acquisition strategies

  • Expansion planning and execution

  • Practical workshop: Growth hacking techniques and campaign planning


Pitch Practice and Investor Engagement

  • Refine investor pitch and presentation skills

  • Investor networking sessions

  • Feedback and guidance from experienced investors


Demo Day, Graduation, and Next Steps

  • Recap of the program's progress and achievements

  • Demo day to showcase startup progress

  • Graduation from the program

  • Guidance on the next steps and support transition into the post-program phase

  • Alumni network formation and ongoing support

Demo Day

Showcase your accomplishments and progress during our Demo Day event, where you'll have the chance to present your venture to potential investors and collaborators.

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