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Co-Working Space: Fueling Innovation and Collaboration

Discover a thriving environment where innovation flourishes, and collaboration is at the heart of every endeavor. At Fisher Innovation College@Elm's Co-Working Space, we provide a dynamic hub that brings together Miami University students, alumni, faculty, and local entrepreneurs under one roof. Whether you're working on your next big idea, seeking a vibrant community, or looking to expand your network, our Co-Working Space offers the ideal setting for growth and innovation.

Book Your Space

Use our convenient Space Management App to reserve conference rooms and other facilities, all at your fingertips.

Membership Plans

We provide Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, and Private Office Plans

Shared Desk

Hot Desk

Access any available desk in our Co-Working Space for an inspiring and collaborative workspace.

Desk Computer Screens

Dedicated Desk

Secure your own dedicated desk, making it your home base for creativity and productivity.

Office employee

Private Office

Elevate your work experience with a private office designed for focus and innovation.

Stay tuned for registration options!

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