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Fisher Innovation College@Elm was born from a shared vision of empowering innovation, igniting entrepreneurship, and fostering a thriving ecosystem where ideas flourish. Our journey began with the desire to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs, the Miami University community, and the dynamic landscape of SW Ohio. We embarked on a mission to create a space that nurtures startups and becomes the beating heart of innovation. With a strong foundation rooted in partnership, dedication, and a commitment to progress, Fisher Innovation College stands as a testament to the transformative power of community and the endless possibilities that emerge when creativity meets collective ambition. Join us as we continue to write this story of growth, innovation, and the boundless potential that lies ahead.


Startup Accelerator

Venture Studio

Co-Working Space:

Step into our vibrant and collaborative Co-Working Space—a dynamic hub where students, alumni, faculty, and local entrepreneurs converge to create, connect, and innovate. With flexible hot desks, dedicated workspaces, private offices, and cutting-edge facilities spread across three floors and a rooftop, our Co-Working Space offers the perfect environment to fuel your ideas. Immerse yourself in a community buzzing with energy, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities. Whether you're a freelancer, startup founder, or an established professional, our Co-Working Space welcomes you to a realm of creativity, growth, and boundless possibilities.


Startup Accelerator:

At our Startup Accelerator, we're more than a launchpad—we're your growth catalyst. Dive into a 12-week intensive program designed to elevate your startup's trajectory. Our mentorship-driven approach connects you with experienced industry experts, guides you through workshops on business essentials, and provides access to funding opportunities that bring your vision to life. Together, we refine your business model, hone your marketing strategies, and equip you with the tools needed for investor engagement. Whether you're in ideation or scaling phase, our Startup Accelerator propels you towards success.


Venture Studio:

The Venture Studio is your platform to transform ideas into tangible ventures that thrive. In our 16-week immersive journey, we collaborate to refine your startup's vision, develop products with market fit, and prepare you for investor interactions. Expert mentors guide you through every step, from crafting your business model to executing effective sales and marketing strategies. With access to our expansive network, funding opportunities, and a supportive ecosystem, your venture's potential knows no bounds. Join us in building the future as part of our Venture Studio family.

Working With the Best Partners

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